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Decorating 101: Master Bedroom

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Homeowners will often find that their master bedroom is the most ignored room of the home when it comes to decorating. They could have stopped because they didn’t have any more ideas, money , or even time after finishing with the rest of the house.

You don’t have to wait to decorate your master bedroom, instead you can instantly add style to it by using these simple and quick decorating tips on your bedroom.

How to Decorate Your Walls

Painting the walls a new color can bring new life to a bedroom. Painting isn’t too expensive, it’s also simple and does not consume too much time. When it comes to painting the master bedroom, you have many different options.

If you are going to buy new bedding, a color which will fit the new color scheme would be a perfect fit. Otherwise, you can repaint the whole room in a color matching your present bedding. You do not have to paint the whole wall, you can go a little easier; you can choose to only paint an accent wall, like the wall that your bed is against.

Hang up a painting on one wall; this is another quick decorating idea. Any type of painting, fitting your desired type of décor for the room, would be a perfect fit. You don’t have to stick with a single painting. You can choose multiple smaller paintings, hung in random patterns, to accent a wall. Places like department stores and discount stores are good places for finding the perfect print that will fit your needs.

Choosing Bedding for Redecorating Your Home

What is the focal point of a bedroom? The bed. The bedding is a good place to start decorating is you don’t know what kind of décor you want for the room. If you don’t know what type of décor you want in the bedroom you can always simply start with the bedding. If you need different ideas for the bedding, shopping at multiple places or browsing online can help you.

Your bedding set does not have to be expensive, because you can always find something simple that can be added to. Pillows can always add decoration to your bed. Inexpensive throw pillows can add an extra spark to a plain bedding set. If you want to go for a romantic environment consider hanging tulle or silk from the ceiling as a canopy around the bed.

Finding the Right Bedroom Furniture

Clutter on other furniture or nightstands should be removed. Getting rid of the messy clutter can make decorating the room easier. Dispose of items that you don’t need, and put away other items in the drawers.

These pieces can then also help you to accessorize the room. Lamps are great additions for nightstands, while adding style to a dresser means using candles or vases.

The decoration of a master bedroom does not have to be too complicated. You can enjoy a space that is all your own the addition of simple design touches.

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