How We Bought Our First Home

My parents and I were at odds when I got married because I was only 18 years old then.  My parents disliked my husband because he was already 40 years old and was jobless.  However, we were not one to let our love wait. 

Even if we were financially hard up, we were determined to make our relationship work because we both knew we were destined to be with each other.  And even if we both had good jobs and both had lots of money, we would still be in misery if we would be away from each other.  So, to profess our love, we married each other. 

We started out by living in a single-room apartment with only $200 in our bank account.  That amount was what was left after the payment of the rent.  We needed to find a job because we would have to pay bills at the end of the month.  However, getting a job was not easy because for one vacancy, 100 applicants are lining up for the position.

My husband and I were not even qualified, but we still tried to apply.  My husband, on the other hand, has been used to taking low paying jobs like being a part of a company’s maintenance department.  We both needed a decent-paying job.  My husband found a singing gig twice a month because he had a friend who needs a stand in twice a month and my husband was a great country singer.

My husband soon gained the approval of the audience and the owner of the bar that he was given a regular gig every night.  When we have already saved up a good amount, we looked for a realtors Lynchburg.  At real estate Lynchburg directory, we scanned through the homes for sale Lynchburg images.  Afterwards, we were able to pay the initial payment and were able to move into our new home.

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