Decorating Tips For A Masculine Den

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All of us know that men and women have greatly different thoughts on what can be considered perfect décor. If you are a man, or a wife decorating for your husband, you might be wondering how you can turn a room where they guys gather into one that is more masculine. This article will offer lots of tips and ideas that will aid you in making any area where men gather more masculine.

Avoid the obvious

Obviously, decorating a man’s den with lace, florals or other feminine accents is a no go. You also need to make sure to avoid some colors, colors such as pink, lavender and baby blue. The best colors to use are woodsy, earthy-toned hues as they’ll give a masculine appeal.


The perfect furniture for decorating a man’s den can run from leather to rough, nubby fabrics in plaids or stripes. A comfortable and rich appeal can be added with some wood furnishings upholstered in a plaid fabric that contains colors like cream, rust and brown. Leather works perfectly well; worn, rough textures in dark shades of mahogany or chocolate brown are welcome.

Tables and chairs for playing cards can be anything from rustic looking wood with a worn look to the metal, fold-out type. When it comes to the den, plain and simple lines that don’t have any elaborate or intricate details are best.

Hobbies make for interesting accents

Most men enjoy a certain hobby, some love fishing, others hunting, golfing or even sailing. Inspire a decorating theme using those hobbies. If a favorite hobby is hunting or fishing you can give the den a cabin atmosphere, anything that relates to the hobby can be displayed on the floors, walls or shelves.

Any man that loves sailing or sports might want to make a corner of the room that is meant for their collectibles. If you love to put together model airplanes from kits, go ahead and show them off.

When you decorate the floors you need to use accent or area rugs that complement the other colors that are in the room. For masculine appeal you should stick with solid or striped patterns. Wood floors look great in a den that is in a cabin or rugged style. You should consider getting bean bags for extra seating, for when the “boys” get together for a sports game.

Wall in a den can be painted in a neutral shade of sand or beige, or paneled with wood. Any awards, metal framed artwork or artwork that just fits with the décor or has meaning should displayed. Add a good touch with some framed posters of your favorite athletes or the great outdoors.

Most men love having a room that is theirs, one they can go to for a good book, computer work, or socialization with friends. The ideas in this article can be used to create a den that is masculine, relaxing, comfortable and perfect for the day and night when guys just want to hang out.

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